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Total releases of cdwayne foremost: 21

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PatchCuteHotspot v4.0.1307.1910/23/2013cdwayne foremost
PatchHiDownload Manager v8.1608/29/2013cdwayne foremost
PatchAvira System Speedup v1.2.105/23/2013cdwayne foremost
PatchSysterac Tools 6 Premium01/06/2013cdwayne foremost
PatchMaxidix Wifi Suite V11.1101/06/2013cdwayne foremost
PatchSuper MP3 Download foremost
PatchPC Video Converter 6.009/10/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchDJ Audio Editor 4.109/10/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchGIF to Flash Converter 3.309/10/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchFlashDemo Pro 4.005/03/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchQuick PDF Tools Pro V2.1.6.103/29/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchRecover Passwords 1.003/28/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchGIF Animator 5.003/22/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchCD Menu Studio 3.003/22/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchLongtion SlideShow Pro 5.003/22/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchLongtion Application Builder 5.703/22/2012cdwayne foremost
PatchAutoRun Pro Enterprise II Version 5.003/22/2012cdwayne foremost
Startup Organizer 2.903/17/2012cdwayne foremost
Flash Renamer03/17/2012cdwayne foremost
REMOTE REGISTRY CLEANER 1.603/07/2012cdwayne foremost
RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit v6.7.0.202/24/2012cdwayne foremost